Another Season Over!

Well, another season is over with a mixed bag of results for Bridgend Chess Club.

Our Porthcawl team had a very tough season in Div. 2 and face relegation to be replaced by our A team that finished Div.3 in second place (0.5 points off first!) so have won a promotion.

Our B team that we use to develop our newest members finished Div.4 in the top half of table which is a fantastic result. We are still looking for new players to join our B team so if you fancy getting involved all the contact details can be found on the ‘contact us’ page.

Off to a good start…

The league got underway with wins for 2 out of the 3 teams.

Porthcawl narrowly lost to the Bridgend Central Rockets picking up 2/3 points on the top 3 boards but unfortunately  losses on 4 and 5 meant the team came away loosing 3-2.

Bridgend A picked up a very convincing win against the Nelson Griffins picking up all 5 points.

Bridgend B played away to the North Cardiff Panthers. Our two newest members, Andrew and Simon, played in their first league game with the club but unfortunately lost in two very close games. However, wins on the other three boards meant a 3-2 victory to the away team.